Edgegap appoints Jeff Tremblay as Director of Business Development

Edgegap is pleased to announce today the appointment of Jean-François “Jeff” Tremblay as Sales Director. Jeff brings over 20 years of experience in the gaming and entertainment industry, including leadership roles leading to rapid growths in the Quebec ecosystem with companies such as Sarbakan, Frima Studios and agency work at Valtec World Group. He will be applying his vast knowledge of the gaming industry to help game studios accomplish their vision and provide users with an optimized gameplay experience. 

“I am excited to be joining the team here at Edgegap as I’ve seen first-hand the evolution of the gaming market towards the cloud over my years in the industry. Now, Edgegap is bringing the next step of this evolution towards the edge, getting the games closer to the players in an unparalleled way. What the team here has built for the gaming market is revolutionary, and will be affecting many industries beyond gaming in the next few years.”

Edgegap’s platform leverages edge computing, essentially moving data centers closer to players to tackle latency issues and improve online experiences. Combined with a patented user-server decision-making engine, it empowers developers to launch new game servers and applications closer to users within seconds.

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