Edgegap Announces Partnership with Nettention


MONTREAL – Edgegap is pleased to announce the signing of a new partnership with Nettention, a Korean based subsidiary of game developer Pearl Abyss, who specialize in Netcode and game server middleware optimization.

The partnership will allow Nettention’s ProudNet product to be available on Edgegap’s platform and will seamlessly be integrated in Arbitrium,making their Netcode available on Edgegap’s platform. This partnership will also allow Nettention to offer Edgegap’s multi-cloud edge computing server hosting platform in their portfolio of products, while helping Edgegap grow their global footprint in Korea and the Eastern Asian marketplace.

ProudNet’s Netcode will allow Edgegap’s customers to benefit from even lower latency. While Edgegap manage and orchestrate the infrastructure, ProudNet’s Netcode will integrate itself in the game to optimize the network flow. Both technologies will help to accelerate time to market by making it easy, simple and quick to develop multiplayer games to scale. Reducing lag, globally, requires it to be attacked from multiple angles. Edgegap’s focus is toward OSI layers 1 to 3 while Nettention is from layer 4 and above. Together they provide the best, end-to-end solution which offers the lowest latencies in the market.

Mathieu Duperré, CEO & Founder of Edgegap, highlights the importance of this partnership ”It was essential for Edgegap to have a robust Netcode feature on our platform. It was a key client need and Nettention are a turnkey partner. We are ecstatic to be working with them and are looking forward to collaborating with many more studios and developers in Eastern Asia.”

“We are happy to provide more convenient development solutions optimized for gameplay through collaboration with Edgegap.” says Nettention Chief Executive Office, Chang Lee. Nettenion is Korea’s largest game network engine develop that offers game server network coding software, ProudNet. Currently used by 250 games in 13 different countries, ProudNet provides a data communication for game server operations, proven server deployment performance and fast wire/wireless network conversions.


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