Edgegap welcomes Maria Carolina Avila Lombo

Edgegap is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to its team. 

We are happy to welcome Maria Carolina Avila Lombo aboard as our Developer Relations Manager.

Fluent in French, English & Spanish, Maria brings a passion for gaming to an already highly skilled team. With a bevy of knowledge in programming and the video game industry, Maria will build the bridge between clients/potential clients and our team regarding technical aspects. You will also find her on developer and gaming forums (Discord and more) discussing latency and server hosting.

“Hello, Bonjour, Hola! Happy to join the Edgegap Team! I am really looking forward to building a social community to discuss our platform with our clients and anyone interested in server hosting. I can’t wait to speak with like-minded people looking for solutions for better gaming experiences. As a gamer myself, I wouldn’t say I like lag. Excited to be part of the solution!” says Maria.

“Maria fills a need we’ve had for a while. We need someone on the front lines which can immediately take care of our client’s needs while letting our developers concentrate on continuously making the platform better. She is a much-needed resource, and we are ecstatic to have her on board.” says Vincent Archambeault.

Edgegap’s platform leverages edge computing, essentially moving data centers closer to users to tackle latency issues and improve online experiences. Combined with a patented user-server decision-making engine, it empowers developers to launch new game servers and applications closer to users within seconds.

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