Edgegap welcomes Technical Solutions Specialist Victoria Ly

Edgegap is pleased to announce the appointment of Victoria Ly to their sales team as Technical Solutions Specialist.

Victoria, a technologist who studied science, brings tangible Technical Solutions Specialist experience to the team. With her mix of tech-savviness, client-first thinking and a go-getter attitude, she is a perfect fit for Edgegap. With her more in-depth technological knowledge of the Edgegap platform and Arbitrium, Victoria will be an asset when focusing on technical discussions with potential clients. She is a welcome addition to an already stacked sales team.

Victoria says, ”I enjoy bridging gaps, building solutions, and communicating technical concepts so that anyone can understand. I strive to continually improve how we interact and promote technological innovation positively. This role at Edgegap is a perfect fit for me, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get our platform in more gaming studios across the world.” 

”Victoria’s impact will be immediate. Having a bright and driven individual like Victoria on our sales team will add another dimension to the pitches and presentations make to potential clients. The technical aspects of Edgegap are complex. Victoria will be able to make something complex, simple and also be able to have in-depth conversations with technical stakeholders at studios and publishers” Mathieu Duperré, CEO & Founder says.

Edgegap’s platform leverages edge computing, essentially moving data centers closer to users to tackle latency issues and improve online experiences. Combined with a patented user-server decision-making engine, it empowers developers to launch new game servers and applications closer to users within seconds.

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