Beat lag in online video games with Edge Computing!

Montreal, Feb. 13th 2019 – Edgegap launch Arbitrium, the first software to beat latency in online video games. Using “Edge Computing”, Arbitrium allows studios to automate the decision-making process and deployment of their gaming servers throughout hundreds of data centers. The result is server instances running closer from players, and cost saving by only running instances when needed.

Edge computing is a distributed architecture in which micro-datacenters are deployed throughout the territory instead of using centralized infrastructures like cloud computing. Arbitrium leverages edge computing; each time a video game studio sends a request for a new match, Arbitrium uses those distributed infrastructures and measure potential locations to run the match. Using multiple data points and measurements, it makes a decision within seconds on the best datacenter to use. It can then start a game instance, and monitor results throughout the duration of the match. Each game is optimized, allowing for minimal latency for each player. This patent pending solution is available worldwide and supports multiple type of hardware and infrastructures.

Proud of its first place at “Multi-access Edge Computing” congress hackathon in Berlin in 2018, Edgegap’s Arbitrium will be premiere in Barcelona at “Mobile World Congress”. A live demo will be available on site.


About Edgegap
Edgegap is a software startup based in Montreal, Canada, which specialized in software development for edge and cloud computing. To find out more about Edgegap and Arbitrium, visit

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