How a New Indie Studio Did the Impossible: Shipping its first playable… as Multiplayer!

Key Highlights A team of 10 developers successfully shipped their first playable of Aeon Wars: Maschinen Crisis, namely the core loop through their multiplayer experience, played by hundreds during Steam’s Games from Quebec Sale Event.  Allowing them to prioritize their core game development and ship faster, Soliton Interactive embraced external tools, services, and platforms to

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Edgegap & Zebedee Logos

Edgegap & Zebedee Team Up

Automated and distributed server orchestration for multiplayer games adds Bitcoin payment platform Key Highlights Zebedee, the fast-growing fintech innovators, have teamed up with Edgegap, the gaming industry’s premier server orchestration platform, to seamlessly bring Bitcoin transactions to multiplayer game developers. In-Depth – Deep Dive on the Partnership Ahead of GDC, Edgegap’s server orchestration platform tailored

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Smart Fleet Manager - Diagram

Reintroducing Edgegap’s Smart Fleet Manager

Key Highlights Edgegap’s Smart Fleet Manager is a container-based game server orchestration solution that offers efficient server capacity and just-in-time deployment over traditional fleet management. It provides better player experience through up to 65% latency (”lag”) reduction, minimal downtime for maintenance, high scalability, and flexible DDOS mitigation. It’s benefits impact directly every game type (see

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Edgegap Logo & "Smart Fleet Manager" copy

Edgegap’s instant, rapid-scaling fleet manager is now available to Alibaba Cloud’s clients worldwide

Key Highlights Edgegap, the gaming industry’s premier server orchestration platform, today announced that Edgegap’s fleet manager is now accessible to Alibaba Cloud’s clients worldwide. In-Depth – Deep Dive into the Partnership Ahead of the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., the on-demand fleet manager provides Alibaba Cloud’s clients with just-in-time fleet management

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The high cost of free products: Agones

At Edgegap, we’ve been focused on making it simple for developers to use distributed infrastructures. Our platform, based on containerization and micro-services, automates the deployment and management of game servers on a highly distributed infrastructure so game studios can focus on what matters to their game and their players. We sometimes meet game studios that

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Why multi-cloud will be impossible to manage within a few years

Edgegap is on a mission to make distributed infrastructures easy to use. Our platform automates the deployment and management of any applications on a highly distributed infrastructure. We have 450 locations worldwide, so you can focus on what matters to you. Your application and your users!     Infrastructure teams sometimes tell us: “We can

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Edgegap’s Startup culture

At Edgegap, we run backend applications, such as game servers, close to users by deploying containers instantaneously in one of 350 locations worldwide.  There is no need to manage servers or worry about server capacity planning. We’re also a Startup that was founded 4 years ago. Startups are a special breed of company that is in

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The unstoppable rise of Casual Competitive games

The rise of Casual Competitive games In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of a new type of game genre: the casual competitive games. Supercell has been a pioneer, starting with their blockbuster game Clash of Clans in 2012. While on the surface, CoC can look like a simple strategy game, it innovated

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We think fleet managers are outdated,
so we built one…?

Edgegap’s mission is to make the distributed cloud simple to use. We run containers close to users by deploying instantaneously in one of 350 locations worldwide. Sometimes, it’s not necessary to deploy instantaneously, so we also built a next-gen fleet manager on top of our instant deployment technology.   In the gaming industry, fleet management has

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The total cost of ownership of a multiplayer game infrastructure

Edgegap runs game servers close to players by deploying containers instantaneously in one of 350 locations worldwide. There is no need to manage servers or worry about server capacity planning. Setting up, maintaining, and managing a Multiplayer server infrastructure for your game is not easy or inexpensive. While the old-fashioned way of managing servers is

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An early access for Expedition Agartha using Edgegap

Studio description: Up and coming studio launching their 2nd game Fresh out of university with one title launched during their program (Fallen Angel) US-based studio Matrioshka Games, the creators behind the indie success of Expedition Agartha, is a small but ambitious studio in the United States. Hunter Wu, the founder, and spearhead of the studio

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