Edgegap’s core development principles: The key to a stellar customer experience

When the team at Edgegap onboards new users on our platform, they always impressed with how seamless and easy the process is. We often hear: “That’s it?”, We’re already done?”, or “It’s so easy!” 

How has Edgegap been able to develop an easy-to-use platform with scalability across all infrastructure providers?

When we designed the first blueprints of Edgegap, we remained focused on the platform and user experience. The initial development team was formed of veterans in the infrastructure space—brilliant developers who were not afraid to think outside of the box. It also helped that they were hardcore gamers in their spare time!

The foundation of the first iteration of Arbitrium was an on-demand infrastructure that could be utilized with a simple API request. 

Since then, a lot of work was done to maintain the platform’s simplicity, flexibility and performance.

Over the years, we fine-tuned what we now call Edgegap’s core development principles.

What are Edgegap’s core development principles? 



There are several factors that Edgegap has taken into account as we developed our core principles. Here’s the lowdown of each of them.

Easy to use: We have always been committed to developing easy-to-use tools to help studio developers spend less time on the infrastructure and more on the game development. This is so crucial, if you need a team of DevOps in your organization to manage the servers your game is running on, you have fewer developers working on designing a mind-blowing game.

Quality: Quality needs to be at the core of our solutions. When a game hits the market, you need to know that you can trust the infrastructure components will scale and serve every match—no matter what. We never know when a streamer will feature your game. At any moment, you can have hundreds of players joining and trying your game. And you need to be ready to serve them. 

Cost efficiency:  When we designed Arbitrium, we added mechanisms to lower the cost of infrastructure to keep our prices competitive. Arbitrium leverages AI to start and stop edge locations depending on historical data. However, if you need to have more sites in one region of the world, servers will be added automatically without any intervention from our team. That means you’re benefiting from unmatched back-end performance without breaking the bank.

Self-healing infrastructure: Self-healing infrastructure not only mitigates costs but also contributes to meeting your player’s expectations. At Edgegap, we designed our solutions with this in mind! When the system predicts an outage or degradation of network performance, we automatically stop allocating game slots to the site. The load is shifted to other locations in the same region. The switch is fast and seamless so that it doesn’t impact the user experience.

Ease of integration: To get started, all you need to follow our simple guide. No PhD required! Once you get the container running, you will get a sense of how to work with Arbitrium.

Speed: In the world of gaming, time is money. Deployment is ultra-fast with Edgegap. Once staged by Arbitrium, your containers will start between 2 to 7 seconds anywhere in the world.

Reliability: Since Arbitrium has been designed to be distributed through datacenters, edge locations and the cloud, it can withstand massive outages. Your services will always be Up.

Documentation: Great tools start with great documentation. We build easy start scenarios so that your servers are ready to go in a matter of minutes. Give it a try!

Real-world scenario/testing: From Day 1, we wanted a test the solution that used real-life scenarios to ensure our solutions were robust and provided the true advantages we envisioned. We built an AI bots that could test a multiplayer game our platform end to end.

Monitoring: When distributing your game servers throughout 350+ locations, real-time and comprehensive monitoring is the key. That is why you can rely on Arbitrium to trigger automated alerts and self-healing scripts should any issue arise. Again, Edgegap is all about ensuring the best user experience possible.

Team culture: Great development can only be achieved with a great team that is motivated to innovate and take up new challenges. We foster the renowned startup cultures of Silicon Valley to keep all of our staffed stoked to taking your gaming performance to a whole new level.


Interested in learning more about what Edgegap’s core development principles can do for your business? Take it for a spin today.

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