GFR Fund Joins Edgegap Seed Round

GFR Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in ground-breaking technology startups disrupting the digital entertainment sector, with a specific focus on #eSports. This year GFR Fund is working to expand its portfolio with companies that are innovating in the areas of live streaming, audio, artificial intelligence and edge computing.

“Edgegap is the perfect example of a company that is solving a real problem for gamers and in eSports – that of latency or “lag” – and GFR Fund is proud to be a part of its seed round. We are very interested in investing in companies that are using #edgecomputing to advance gaming experiences, and Edgegap has built an infrastructure that does this by allowing for new and effective ways of managing multiplayer environments and removing lag altogether,” said Teppei Tsutsui, CEO and Managing Partner of GFR Fund.

As an affiliate of GREE, Inc., a global leader in the mobile gaming industry, GFR Fund offers its portfolio global business opportunities in the Asian market combined with deep connections in Silicon Valley and decades of experience in digital media and entertainment. For more information, visit

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