Easy integration with our REST API to globally scale your game servers

Optimize your centralized infrastructure by leveraging the distributed edge

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Maximize revenue

Spend less on costly resources required to manage your network, invest more into revenue-generating projects. Plus, once your game generates tons of player interest, we can help you scale up at a moment’s notice without breaking the bank.

On-demand delivery

With Edgegap, you’ll never need to worry about startup times, cold/warm instances, or fleet management. If you need an application delivered to your users, it will be available within a few seconds – no exceptions.

Stop overpaying

You shouldn’t pay for hosting if your players are not using your game. Why pay for a single moment of server time if you’re not even online? Edgegap offers a number of fair, transparent, pay-by-the-minute pricing packages, so you never have to go out of pocket for idling.

Global reach

Thanks to our highly distributed server infrastructure, your game or application can launch anywhere in the world. With 250+ edge cloud locations, we leverage a vast network of global hosting partners to guarantee nonstop uptime and unparalleled speed.

Seamless scalability

Ask an expert

Whether you’re looking to slash your latency or level-up your scalability, the Edgegap team knows gaming inside and out. Send us your questions and we’ll get back to you lightning-fast (delays just aren’t our thing).

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