About Us

An Origin Story for the Ages

As someone with 20 years of telecom experience, Mathieu Duperré had seen countless industry trends come and go – but edge computing felt different. He saw its bold approach to latency reduction as the next frontier in gaming tech, so he pitched his employer to explore it further.

They humored him initially, but within a few months, the initiative was canned. The company didn’t feel that the gaming market was large or promising enough. Fortunately, their skepticism didn’t deter Mathieu. He knew he had lightning in a bottle, so there was only one thing left to do: quit his long-standing corporate gig to follow his passion.

The first order of business was to research industry conferences. One event in Berlin looked promising, but he was going completely out-of-pocket with zero funding and no product. It was both pricey and risky, with a ton of downside and a shred of potential upside. To earn a free pass, Mathieu jumped on the opportunity to join the event’s hackathon.

Within two weeks, he was onstage in front of the biggest names in the game, presenting the prototype he had pulled out of thin air.

The result? First prize.

Mathieu was immediately swarmed by execs asking to test his product, which didn’t exist yet. Upon touching down in Montreal, he got straight to work renting a small office, hiring 2 engineers for a prototype and started plugging away.

One year later, they had landed a seed round.

Now 5 years later, the team is composed of various departments and colleagues, building the future of edge computing infrastructure!

Key Milestones

  • Founding

    November 2018

    Powering On

    Founder Mathieu pitches his vision at the Berlin Edge Hackathon and wins first prize. Following a tidal wave of interest from attendees, Edgegap is born.

  • Pre-Seed Round

    November 2018

    $125k Pre-Seed Round

    Things are moving fast! Some keen investors see the promise and potential in our product right off the bat.

  • Arbitrium

    by Edgegap

    February 2019

    Launch of the Algorithm

    Arbitrium, our (now patented) solution designed to automatically select the closest server to users, is finally completed!

  • Proof of Concept
    with AAA Studio

    October 2019

    Case Study with AAA Studio

    Across 600k live data transactions, latency reduced by 58%. 78% of transactions were reduced below 50 ms, compared to 14% before we stepped in!

  • Seed Round

    November 2019

    $1M Seed Round

    After carefully vetting our opportunities and focusing on gaming-specific investors, we raised our first major seed round of funding.

  • Live Deployment
    with AAA Studio

    May 2020

    Deployment with AAA Studio

    For 3 days, Edgegap handled the global user traffic (millions of users!) of a AAA. Our tech worked around a major outage with ease.

  • Patent Granted:

    January 2021

    Patent Granted

    Edgegap is granted its first patent in the US and Canada for our edge computing orchestrator, cementing ourselves as innovators in our industry.

  • Round A
    $7M Funding Secured

    November 2021

    Round A Funding

    We raise a $7M USD round of funding from existing and new investors like Akamai and Liberty Global.


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