Case Studies

How how Edgegap's platform can impact your game
through our client's successes

Learn more about Edgegap's platform through other studio's projects

Learn more about Edgegap's platform through other studio's projects

The Online Gaming Connectivity Report explores the current state of the online gaming ecosystem from the player’s perspective; how do the players experience connectivity and latency, and how do they react when issues occur.

Download Report

Download Report

Unreal Engine

High Hardware Requirements & Custom Game Server Pools

Learn how Alderon Games instantly leverages a custom pool of game servers across multiple providers worldwide for its popular MMO

Server Management &

Read how Matrioshka Games were able to ship a Battle Royale in early access with limited ressources

Instant Worldwide Orchestration

Discover how Soliton Interactive did the impossible… Ship it's first playable as multiplayer!

Near Zero Latency

How an unannounced project delivered the lowest lag possible and improved fairness in its 1v1 game

Web & Proprietary Engines

Rapid Scaling

Learn how Hiber eliminated the guesswork out of its server capacity planning with Edgegap



Dynamic Server Orchestration

Discover how one the world's biggest AAA studio improved its peer-to-peer multiplayer experience through edge computing


Easy Integration

Read how WhaleFood Games "kicked out" its netcode issues with Edgegap

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