Making complex processes simple

Our robust platform is flexible, easy to work with, and hassle-free.

Distributed managed service

No long-term contract commitments

Lightning-fast app staging, testing, and launching

Edge computing:

bridging the divide between user and server

What’s the best way to speed up the connection between your users and your servers? You reduce the distance between them to be as short as possible, and that’s what we’ve done. While leading hosting companies are usually limited to around 30 deployment locations worldwide, our network is 350+ strong. That’s the power of edge computing.

 Add in the collective intelligence of Edgegap’s expert team and you have a world-class solution: when an application is requested, Arbitrium, our patented solution, selects the closest location and delivers a server within seconds.

Fair play

staging and deployment


One platform,
many providers

From DevOps
to LiveOps



You’ve heard of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) – now, meet the Application Delivery Network (ADN). This next-gen technology leverages edge computing and instant container deployment to deliver the lowest-latency experience on the market.

Easy on the Budget

No outages
We will reroute your traffic with no downtime, preventing you from losing revenue.
Pay per use
We will never charge you for idle server time: you only pay for the time your users are active and online.
Maximize LiveOps
Focus on up-selling and developing new features instead of managing your server infrastructure.
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