Matchmaker & Lobby

Building an awesome multiplayer game requires connecting players together, worldwide. To help you do so, Edgegap provides a matchmaker that can be used as a simple lobby or a complex matchmaker for the most demanding games.

Two (2) flavors of our matchmaker are available:  No-code matchmaker & Advanced matchmaker.

No-code Matchmaker:

Introducing Edgegap No-code Managed Matchmaker, a no-code matchmaker based on a custom implementation of the highly scalable Open Match project. We allow you to set up a fully functional and scalable matchmaker using a simple JSON config file in  minutes!

Edgegap Matchmaker features:

  • 100% managed by Edgegap
  • Free when using Edgegap hosting & orchestration services
  • Player token authentication
  • Multiple game modes management
  • Player filters: Elo, player level, etc.
  • Autoscaling

You can find more information on both versions here!

Advanced matchmaker:

If you’re looking for something more flexible, we got you covered with our Advanced Matchmaker. With this version, you can access the Frontend, Match function and Director components to create custom rules for your specifications. Once completed, Edgegap takes care of the management and scaling of the microservices.

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