Orchestration & Hosting

Multiplayer Game Hosting

The World is your server

Edgegap provides game developers access to a worldwide network of cloud providers for multiplayer games. Our fully automated server orchestration platform allows studios to control and monitor when and where servers will be deployed while saving time and reducing costs.

Plug our API

Play with everyone

With the power of more than 16+ providers and over 450+ edge locations come the responsibility of making the right decisions regarding server deployments. But don’t worry, we’ve built a decision engine for that!

Why do we stand out

 Performance Security Simplicity Cost-Effectiveness
450+ Locations Outage protection Easy integration Affordable cost structure
Lowest latency Embedded Security Management tools No need for provisioning
Ability to scale rapidly Risk-free scaling Fully automated platform Pay-per-use (per minute)

Stop Overpaying

We understand that predicting a new game’s player base, origin and growth is not an exact science. That’s why we decided to remove the guesswork entirely from the equation. With Edgegap’s pay-per-use model, you pay for the servers you need when using them at a single worldwide price per minute. Regardless of how small your start is or how big you become, we have your traffic handled and your costs under control.


Integrate, don’t replace!

Studios that already operate their infra or have a long-term agreement with a provider can also benefit from Edgegap. Maximize your current server hosting solution and let us manage the unexpected for you: outages, daily peaks, or even the necessity to burst on short notice. After all, we’re only one API call away! Some call us a pocket support, others an insurance policy. We like to think of ourselves as the only Player 2 you need.

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