Andreessen Horowitz latest report: Serverless will be key in Metaverse success

Jun 28, 2022

If you’re into the metaverse, check James Gwertzman’s paper below. He wrote down his opinion on what it’ll take to build the metaverse. As a Playfab founder, ex-Microsoft gaming, and now Gaming GM at Andreessen Horowitz, his point of view is unique and brings a lot of great content to a discussion, sometimes seen as a “hype train.”

One of his takeaways is about the infrastructure needed to run the metaverse. This extract below shows how important the plumbing is, even when it’s invisible to players. It is a key pillar in building experience beyond what we know today.

“Serverless multiplayer, whereby developers could implement authoritative game logic and have it automatically hosted and scaled out in the cloud, without having to worry about spinning up actual game servers.”

Edgegap is already miles away from simple automation, using it to lower latency and increase fairness, but also raise availability & resiliency while reducing cost. Serverless will open the doors to something much bigger than we know today, and those managing bare metals as we used to in 2000 will stay behind.