Edgegap is pleased to announce it is among the first to support AWS Wavelength

Aug 11, 2020

We are today pleased to announce that Edgegap was selected to be among the first to support AWS Wavelength on the Verizon 5G network, along the likes of Sony Corporation, LG Electrics and Tata Consultancy Services. By integrating its orchestrator to AWS Wavelength, Edgegap was able to successfully deploy game servers on the new AWS edge regions and provide low latency gaming for players. AWS Wavelength regions will soon be available in production for game studios that leverage Edgegap solutions. Through Edgegap’s solutions, game titles can provide the best player experience through lower latency and higher fairness.

Edgegap is a pioneer in building next-generation infrastructures for global multiplayer gaming titles and esports tournaments, and leveraging edge computing to help studios reduce latency, increase player fairness, track and improve experiences, and scale on-demand worldwide. “Allowing studios to get a real understanding of players’ experiences and their online services is at the heart of what we do. As global gaming rapidly shifts from centralized to localized environments, Edgegap’s ability to dramatically reduce latencies improve gaming experiences wherever players are located,” said Mathieu Duperré, Edgegap founder and CEO. “With AWS Wavelength on the Verizon 5G edge, we get the ultra-low latency and proximity needed to reduce the distance between servers and end-users with a single, elegant solution. By tightly integrating game studio backends and edge computing infrastructures with AWS Wavelength, Edgegap can reduce lag by more than half, increase fairness, improve total player experiences, and help reduce churn and increase revenue for studios.

Full article by AWS available here:  https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200806005890/en/AWS-Announces-General-Availability-AWS-Wavelength-Boston

Edgegap’s platform measures and selects the best location out of their distributed network of edge computing locations based on context. Each time a decision is made by Edgegap’s platform, every user is taken into account to minimize latency issues and thus ensure a fun and fair experience for all players. This allows game studios to bring a consistently positive online player experience, maximizing retention and monetization. By adding AWS Wavelength to its existing pool of 220+ regions, Edgegap is on its way to reaching thousands of locations in 2022, increasing its footprint to lower lag even further for players worldwide.