Edgegap rebrands and revamps website

Mar 21, 2022

At Edgegap, we’re excited to share the newest chapter of our growth journey – a fresh new brand identity designed to capture all the good things happening now and position us for the future.

We wanted a fresh look for our brand to reflect the game industry’s dynamism and our journey over the last 36 months.

The new Edgegap branding captures how we look to the future and the exciting new business horizon we face. We are sticking to our authentic core values and vision – to achieve innovative digital performance through products and partnerships.

In modernizing our identity, we want to reflect the company’s forward momentum and the planned expansion of our unique product offerings. We see some incredible growth ahead with our new partners. 

The idea behind the new design is the idea of connectivity and networking – an idea the designers subtly brought to life. Suppose you were to draw lines between different server clusters in other cities and countries. In that case, you’d have something very similar to the interconnected lines in the new branding – and that’s precisely the idea we were going for, the concept of always finding the shortest and fastest route to connect our customers with their users.

Beyond the idea of the interconnections, looking at the logo and the use of color has been an opportunity to give things a modern touch without reinventing the wheel. We think it’s created something more confident and grown-up – just like us!

Edgegap is grateful for the work of Bang Marketing, a Montreal-based marketing agency specializing in rebrands and website revamps.

Edgegap’s platform leverages edge computing, moving data centers closer to users to tackle latency issues and improve online experiences. Combined with a patented user-server decision-making engine, it empowers developers to launch new game servers and applications closer to users within seconds.