Edgegap’s instant, rapid-scaling fleet manager is now available to Alibaba Cloud’s clients worldwide

Apr 6, 2023

Key Highlights

Edgegap, the gaming industry’s premier server orchestration platform, today announced that Edgegap’s fleet manager is now accessible to Alibaba Cloud’s clients worldwide.

In-Depth – Deep Dive into the Partnership

Ahead of the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., the on-demand fleet manager provides Alibaba Cloud’s clients with just-in-time fleet management for ultimate flexibility and scalability, powered by Alibaba’s market-leading global cloud infrastructure.

Edgegap’s fleet manager enables developers to automatically scale in perfect alignment with demand based on player traffic. The instantaneous multiplayer games server deployment solution eliminates risks related to launch planning and provisioning, solving the scalability challenge for online games.

“We want to empower developers to improve player’s experience in the APAC region, and we are delighted to work with Alibaba Cloud, which has data centers across 86 zones in 28 regions globally. The collaboration immediately provides developers worldwide with the biggest cloud footprint in APAC, with key locations such as Tokyo and Seoul, and the ability to exclusively access data center locations such as Thailand, Kuala Lumpur and Manila for greater proximity with millions of users,” said Philip Côté, Chief Technical Officer at Edgegap.

“We are glad to collaborate with partners and develop joint solutions to further empower our global customers,” said Henry He, General Manager of Americas Region, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.  “With our robust cloud infrastructure worldwide and advanced technologies, we are equipped to support gaming developers together with Edgegap, in optimizing the experience for global players.”