Announcing Edgegap is now available on Nintendo’s Developer Portal!

Aug 7, 2023

Edgegap’s suite of solutions, including server orchestration & hosting, network of relays, fleet & session manager and more, is now available on the Nintendo Developer Portal for the Nintendo Switch system!

Nintendo Switch game developers can access Edgegap’s solutions through Nintendo’s developer portal; via To create a free account, simply follow the link! To get on to speed, check out our Documentation and Quickstart page.

Edgegap provides a managed platform based on containers, enabling developers to distribute their multiplayer game servers anywhere and everywhere in the world within seconds. Leveraging edge computing, Edgegap’s automated platform lowers latency, increases fairness and minimizes the engineering resources needed to manage the infrastructure. 

Edgegap works with various clients across the games industry, including Path of Titan from Alderon Games, which is currently available worldwide on Nintendo Switch.

Learn more about Edgegap through it’s case studies, including Hiber’s managed servers, Matrioshka Games server distribution, Soliton Interactive’s instant worldwide game server orchestration or how easy Edgegap was to integrate for Whalefood Games’ Kung Fu Kickball.