One-Hit-Kill : Game Design Meets Tech To Improve The Player Experience

Dec 16, 2020

When the creators of Die by the Blade set off to create an immersive sword fighting gaming experience, the player experience was their main priority. They wanted to build a true-to-life feeling for their players, where a single well-timed sword strike would mean instant death. Working in Unreal Engine 4, their client-server architecture validates every match with the help of a game server. However, this can increases the risk of running into latency issues online.

“Being a one-hit-kill game, networking was one of my biggest concerns” mentions Peter Adamondy, Studio Lead at Triple Hill. When the player can die from a single hit, it creates the need for robust networking and very low latency to ensure the game is fair for both players. That’s why the team at Triple Hill was happy to hear about the on-demand low-latency game hosting solutions available with Edgegap. With their previous case study findings based on a leading 1v1 PvP game, Edgegap’s solution has been proven to reduce latency by an average of 46% per player, for 90% of a player base.


“I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy integrating with Edgegap has been” mentions Peter. Although the team at Triple Hill knew little about container technology before meeting the team at Edgegap, they had a game server running on the platform after about one week.

“On top of that, the cloud provider we were using was substantially more complicated to set up. It was also much slower. The time it took from uploading a new build, to having a running an instance was around 1-2 hours. With Edgegap, it takes around 10-15 min, which means it’s much faster to test a new build in a live environment.”

The game Die by the Blade is set to be released in early access in 2021. You can follow the development of the game on SteamTwitter and Youtube.

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