The Edgegap Team is growing!

Sep 15, 2020

At Edgegap, there is nothing we value more than the people behind the organization. That’s why we want you to get to know the Edgegap Team. Our team is currently growing, and we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members!

We’d like to introduce you to Benjamin Denis, who joins us with his extensive background in business development and esports. Benjamin has in-depth knowledge of gaming and the esports market. After working 4 years with all of the major esports brands in Quebec and initiating multiple esports programs inside colleges and high schools, he’s ready to bring that knowledge to Edgegap’s clients and partners.

His solid track record in business development and his ability to easily explain new or complex ideas will be invaluable for the Edgegap Team. From describing the many benefits of esports to schools and brands to demonstrating the value of edge computing, containers, global scalability and Arbitrium, he is ready to meet any challenge.

As a fervent Super Smash player and fan, he is well aware of how latency issues can significantly reduce the player experience in online games. Just like everyone on the Edgegap Team, he is on a mission to change that for gamers worldwide. A better online experience, no matter where you live. The next-gen gaming infrastructure is at our door!

You are a game studio that wants to know more, or you have a unique project that could lead to a case study? Get in his dm’s now!