Case Study: Lower lag & improve fairness in 1vs1 game

May 15, 2020

Lowest Lag & Improve Fairness in 1vs1 Game

We’ve been busy working with a leading game studio to measure how much our solutions at Edgegap can improve the player experience by lowering latency and increasing fairness. In their 1 versus 1 game scenario, we’ve managed to prove a colossal improvement for their players: 

  • Improved latency for 91% of the players

  • Average RTT per player reduced by 46.5%

  • Average RTT per match reduced by 36%

  • Fairness improved from 46.5 to 33ms

  • 25% of players below 50ms with Edgegap, vs. 2% with the cloud

  • 69% of players below 100ms with Edgegap, vs. 33% with the cloud

All these improvements will translate into more revenue for this studio as players will not suffer from bad experiences and will remain engaged. This is especially important as games are becoming services and their LiveOps is a crucial part of the monetization aspect of games. We’ve also observed that our solutions improve the fairness between players, which helps them improve their competitive edge. This is seen as highly desirable at a time when esports tournaments are forced to go online due to Covid-19. The studio did not have to modify its netcode or use an SDK; the game client remained as is. The full case study is linked below:

Download the case study

At Edgegap, we improved the experience of more players than any other solution.

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