Dedicated Server Using Photon Fusion 2

Mar 28, 2024

Key Highlights

  • Edgegap and Photon collaborate to help game developers using Fusion 2 use Edgegap’s automated game servers and distributed orchestration to easily get their multiplayer game online, worldwide, in minutes.

  • To ensure the easiest integration process for Fusion 2, Edgegap offers a Fusion 2 game sample (“Asteroid”) with full documentation to help game developers throughout the process.

  • Photo Fusion 2’s optimized networking solution reduces bandwidth usage and, when paired alongside Edgegap’s fractional vCPU capabilities (who is the only provider with this capability amongst container-based orchestrator), allows game developers to minimize their cloud hosting costs by up to 90% vs. traditional public cloud.

  • The Edgegap platform providers both peer-to-peer relays and authoritative servers and includes a free matchmaking solution to help game developers regardless of their game type or game engine.   


What is Photon Fusion 2?

Photon Fusion is a high-end state transfer netcode SDK made for Unity with multiple Network Topology choices. It offers seamless integration with the Unity game engine, and its services include real-time networking, a relay service to bypass NAT restrictions and matchmaking.

Photon offers dedicated game session servers are offered by hosting providers to host the headless game build. To spin up game session instances upon request for players to join, an orchestration service needs be involved. Cloud services are offered by Photon. Beyond this initial offering, Photon encourages its users to leverage the power of game server orchestration services, including Edgegap.

Edgegap & Photon – Powerful Meets Easy for Multiplayer Game Servers

If you're looking to build a multiplayer game with authoritative servers, then using a combination of Photon Fusion and Edgegap is the fastest way to get your game online. Photon Fusion is a netcode solution that will handle the player-server connectivity and state synchronization, while Edgegap provides a simple to use and automated hosting solution for your game server so you can focus on what matters: your game.

Edgegap is tailored for game server orchestration and leverages edge computing to provide low-latency experiences for players. It selects the nearest edge server for all players, greatly optimizing server response time. On top of this, the platform offers a fast scaling solution to ensure no players is left behind with up to 40 deployments per second – ensuring you can launch the #1 game in the world without breaking a sweat.

Photon Fusion is one of the most optimized netcode solutions available on the market, able to support 200 players at 60Hz. The Photon engineering teams have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure fast client and physics predictions with complex server reconciliation reaching unparalleled speed.

Where to Start

The first step is to integrate the Photon Fusion SDK into your Unity project. You can also use one of the many sample projects provided for free by the Photon team to get a simple project quickly setup. Edgegap also has their own Photon Fusion sample project based on Fusion 2 that you can follow, named "Asteroid".

Then, you can follow this quick guide to build your game server and containerize it. Once that's done, follow these simple steps to get your game online on Edgegap. From the game client, you'll now be able to connect to this game server using the URL of the Edgegap deployment.

Integration process Overview

Here’s what to expect, with our simple step-by-step guide to get your game online.

  • Register your Free Edgegap account

  • Grab your Edgegap token from the Unity plugin

  • Hit Build & Push when you're ready to package your game server

  • Deploy and Manage Your Server: With a simple click, deploy your game server and manage it directly from the Unity engine.


Making a multiplayer game used to be a highly complex and daunting experience. With solutions such as Photon Fusion and Edgegap, it’s now possible to get a fully optimized, low-latency, and highly scalable multiplayer project going in just a few hours. It's never been easier to make a multiplayer game, and

if you have more questions about Edgegap's integration with Photon Fusion 2, join our Discord to chat with the team!

Get Your Game Online, Easily & in Minutes

Get Your Game Online, Easily & in Minutes

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Get Started

Get Started