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Edgegap Selected as one of Top 2024 Edge Computing Companies by STL Partners

Feb 22, 2024

STL Partners' Top 2024 Edge Computing Companies Highlight Growth Potential


STL Partners announces launch of top 100 edge computing companies list for 2024.

LONDON, UK – February 16th, 2024 - STL Partners, a leading research and consulting firm in the technology industry, is excited to announce the launch of its highly anticipated top 2024 edge computing companies list.

The list features 100 companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, agility, and potential in the rapidly growing edge computing market. From global manufacturing operations to retail to V2X communication, the selected companies highlight the increased range of customers leveraging edge computing technology to drive efficiencies and stimulate revenue growth.

Tilly Gilbert, Director, Consulting at STL Partners and Edge Practice Lead stated: “The edge market is dynamic and fast moving and it’s been a pleasure to learn more about the achievements of a whole range of companies (from established to disruptive startups). Our list encompasses players from across the value chain, highlighting innovation in data centres, cloud, orchestration, analytics and more”.

Edge computing is a key enabler of the next generation of digital services, enabling low-latency, high-bandwidth processing of data closer to the source. With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, AI and computer vision and other edge-enabled applications, the market for edge computing is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

To learn more about the top 2024 edge computing companies and STL Partners' analysis of the edge computing market, visit the company's website at and check out our hub dedicated to all things edge computing

About STL Partners

STL Partners is a leading research and consulting firm that focuses on the technology, digital infrastructure and telecoms industries, supporting companies in driving innovation, growth, and competitive advantage. The company provides practical guidance and actionable insights on emerging challenges and opportunities, with an emphasis on innovation and identifying new sources of growth.

About Edgegap

Founded by Mathieu Duperré in 2018, Edgegap is a Canada-based pioneer in the edge computing industry & automation. Edgegap provides a managed platform based on containers which enables developers to distribute their games and applications anywhere and everywhere in the world within seconds. Currently, Edgegap works with an array of clients across the games space, such as Alderon Games, Hiber, Matrioshka Games, Triple Hill and Whalefood Games. Before founding Edgegap, Mathieu worked at Cisco Systems as a specialist in software-based solutions for the telecom industry. Leveraging edge computing, Edgegap’s automated platform lowers latency, increases fairness and minimizes the engineering resources needed to manage the infrastructure. 

More information on Edgegap can be found at

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