GDC 2024 – Top 5 Multiplayer-centric Conferences to Attend (GDC 2024)

Mar 5, 2024

Almost a dozen of our team at Edgegap are attending Game Developers Conference this year (GDC 2024).

We’ve polled our engineers, and here are the top-5 most conferences they are most excited about. In no particular order:

10 Years in Tamriel: Success of 'The Elder Scrolls Online'

The award-winning online roleplaying game, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), turns 10 years old—and to celebrate this amazing milestone, ZeniMax Online Studios Director Matt Firor walks through the trials and tribulations of creating and maintaining the massive AAA live service title.

With over 40 updates and content launches to date, 26-million players, and no sign of slowing down, Matt shines a spotlight on pivotal moments (from development and beyond) that have led to the game’s critical success—in addition to touching on future plans that will springboard ESO into the next decade.

With Matt Firor from ZeniMax (Studio Director / President, ZeniMax Online Studios)

Wednesday 20th March at 17h00pm in Room 2002

Crafting Thriving User Generated Content Communities

Explore a collaborative, human-centric approach that is transforming Minecraft's user-generated content (UGC) landscape. This session introduces the groundbreaking Official Minecraft Server List, providing a case study that harnesses the immense potential of user-generated content through cooperative, positive, and scalable engagement. This initiative reinforces guidelines and encourages the adoption of enhanced community and safety measures. It underscores the significance of proactive developer-community partnerships, positioning UGC creators as valued allies rather than regulated entities. Discover how this endeavor garnered enthusiastic support from creators and players, unlocking innovation aligned with shared values. Gain insights into the positive impact of scalable engagement, illustrating the potential for UGC communities to thrive through cooperative, inclusive strategies.

With Maria Tamellini  (Co-Founder & COO, GamerSafer), Carlos Figueiredo  (Director of Player Safety, Microsoft); Monday

March 18th at 13h30 in Room 209

Essentials for Successfully Launching Your Game in Asia

Discover how to tap into Asia's gaming market, with approximately 1.5 billion gamers, spearheaded by China, Japan and South Korea. In this session, Alibaba Cloud, along with Edgegap and Xsolla, will present what game developers and studios need to launch a game in Asia to grow their player base. We will guide you through essential components and prerequisites for entering the Asian gaming market, covering aspects such as hosting, network infrastructure, fleet management, and payment systems.

With Betty McIntosh (Senior Business Development Manager, Alibaba Cloud), Mathieu Duperre  (CEO, Edgegap), Berkley Egenes (CMO, Xsolla)

Thursday, March 21th at 14h00 in Room 3001

The Team Behind 'TEKKEN 8' Online Network System

We will follow the footsteps of TEKKEN series' network system evolution and look at the synergies between Diarkis, Inc. and TEKKEN 8.

With Nobuyori Takahashi  (CEO, Diarkis), Katsuhiro Harada  (Executive Game Director / Chief Producer, Bandai Namco Studios Inc.), Shintaro Kawahara  (Senior Technical Director, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.), Shigeo Nakano  (Director & Manager, Bandai Namco Studios Inc.);

Thursday, March 21th at 11h30 in Room 2024

Making Friends and Building Networks with Epic Account Services

Playerbase is the lifeblood of any multiplayer game. Learn how integrating Epic Account Services can enable you to tap into an existing network of over 750 million players to help both build community and have a platform-agnostic, centralized identity service to make it easier to play your game across all platforms.

With James White (Technical Account Manager, Epic Games Store, Epic Games)

Friday, March 22th at 10h00 in Room 2024

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