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Live Game Summit – Top Multiplayer-centric Conferences to Attend

Aug 13, 2024

Key members of our team at Edgegap are attending Live Game Summit 2024.

We’ve polled our engineers, and here are the top conferences they are most excited about. In no particular order:

Maximizing Game Potential: Integrating Advanced Backend Services with Scalable LiveOps Infrastructure

Overview of crucial backend services including data storage, player management, in-game economics, and content distribution, highlighting their role in enhancing the game’s core and meta experiences.

  • Seamless Experience via LiveOps: Discussion on the importance of proactive server monitoring, automated issue resolution, and the use of data analytics within LiveOps to ensure optimal game performance and player satisfaction.

  • Addressing Development Challenges: Insights into tackling common backend development challenges such as scalability, security, and synchronization, along with the benefits of rapid iteration processes for continuous improvement.

  • Future Directions with Service Marketplaces: Exploration of live service marketplaces and their impact on game development, focusing on community-driven approaches to building, growing, and operating live games through shared backend solutions.

Tuesday, September 10, 2024 at 12h00 BST

Building a Thriving Live Service – The Story of Helldivers 2

Fantasy is everything - When shared laughter and the thrill of the unexpected comes together.

Prioritizing core gameplay and fostering creativity and player agency.

Key decisions in game design and development – and the impact upon release.

Importance of a dynamic strategy and embracing the power of community role playing

With Linda Tiger (COO, Arrowhead Game Studios)

Tuesday, September 10, 2024 at 8h40 BST

Technical Strategies for Launching Successful Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games

Relevance and Growth of Cross-platform Multiplayer Games: Technical challenges from development to operations.

  • Multiplayer Considerations: Serving players with reliable multiplayer experiences while maintaining a scalable and low latency solution.

  • Cross-Platform Development: Considerations for Cross-platform development, ensuring consistent user experiences across all different platforms.

  • Launch and Beyond: Strategies to prepare for launch

With Viviane Costa (Platform Technical Director, Super Evil Megacorp)

Tuesday, September 10, 2024 at 14h05 BST

Working with the Right Partner to Establish a Successful GAAS Product

Leveraging Expertise in GaaS/F2P Models for Sustained Engagement: How a partner can bring valuable insights into the GaaS and F2P business models, helping to sustain player engagement and optimize monetization strategies through effective live operations.

Scaling Success Through Network Maximization: Utilizing a partner’s established infrastructure and networks can significantly enhance the scalability of games, maximizing the value of the user network and efficiently expanding both new and existing titles.

Enhancing Player-Focused Experiences Through Collaboration: Leveraging expertise and innovative technologies to create gaming experiences that are deeply engaging and tailored to long-term player satisfaction, driving value creation.

Wednesday, September 11, 2024 at 10h00 BST

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