Why multi-cloud will be impossible to manage within a few years

Dec 12, 2022

Edgegap is on a mission to make distributed infrastructures easy to use. Our platform automates the deployment and management of any applications on a highly distributed infrastructure. We have 450 locations worldwide, so you can focus on what matters to you. Your application and your users!

Infrastructure teams sometimes tell us: “We can do the same using an infrastructure-as-code(IaC) orchestration platform such as Terraform!”. The truth is it’s more complicated than it sounds; let’s look at my thought process.

IaC platforms like Terraform are designed to manage cloud resources but cannot quickly deploy physical servers. So, your multi-cloud strategy will need to be created from the ground up for every provider. It will be much work to set up each configuration.

To get a bigger pool of locations, you will need to look at bare metal providers, which create another set of designs and setting up to do. On top of this, you will need an IT department to manage your infrastructure since someone needs to ensure everything works. 

The next question is; when you have all those sites available worldwide, how will you decide which one to use? 

Sure, that might be possible if you have 2-3 providers and up to 40-50 locations worldwide. 

But what about 100, 1000, or even 10,000 locations? 

You’ll realize, as we did, that multi-cloud was the easy part; figuring out which cloud provider and location to use for which use case. 

This is where the actual headache begins.

As you can see, the “do-it-yourself” option seems less attractive now. This is a big decision about your infrastructure; you will need to consider how much time you are willing to spend setting this up and managing it. 

Edgegap was built to simplify a highly distributed infrastructure by letting developers deploy applications from a single API request. We had to develop our Application Delivery Network, Arbitrium, which decides the location for every request based on the user’s location, connection quality, latency, and price.

It allows you automatically place your users in the best area to connect based on site and network conditions. 

How is that possible? 

Under the hood, Edgegap is a team of DevOps engineers dedicated to managing distributed infrastructures in the best possible way, so you don’t have to think about it. We orchestrate your deployment of servers using 15 different providers, from big clouds to slight edge compute providers and CDN vendors, which gives you access to more than 450 sites worldwide. Our expertise resides in knowing how to deploy containers within a few seconds, orchestrate them, monitor them, and ensure you don’t have to think about all this when you want to deploy an application.

You can deploy containers, configure them with the parameter of your choice, and monitor their status anywhere in the world. 

Can you imagine a solution where you can create a production environment in minutes, have it deployed on a highly scalable hyper distributed infrastructure, and not worry about distribution and the resiliency of the service? 

That’s Edgegap for you, and many game studios are already using our platform to ensure their players have the best experience possible, all while making sure their developers can focus on what matters, making great games.

As you can see, we’re passionate about ensuring your application is in the best location when and where you need it. It’s ideal for small projects that require a quick deployment environment and large companies that need to host their services securely in a highly distributed multi-cloud environment without having to set up or manage any servers.

Best of all, being highly flexible in how you can use and manage infrastructure makes it a very cost-effective solution, with a free trial available, so you can try it out before committing. 

Please create a free account to try our platform, or join our Discord server to chat with our developers about your project!

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Get Your Game Online, Easily & in Minutes

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