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Unity Plugin - Quickstart

Edgegap fully managed game servers and automated orchestration leverage the world’s largest distributed edge network to deploy game servers nearest to your players.

This allows your multiplayer to reduce latency by up to 58% and delivers up to 78% “real-time” latency (sub-50 ms) vs. traditional public cloud1 for your game and players.

For devs, integration is refreshingly easy, low code, and takes minutes thanks to our fully compatible Unity plugin.

What to Expect

  1. Create an account on Its easy & free.

  2. How to install & launch the plugin:

    • From the Unity's Editor, import the plugin through the Package Manager. Found under "Windows / Package Manager", then selecting "My Assets".

  3. Ready - A new "Edgegap" tab has appeared in the upper menu. Select it, and open the dashboard by selecting "Server Management".

  4. Set – Enter you Edgegap API key, choose your API environment and enter an app name and version.

  5. Almost There - Create automatically a Docker container by selecting "Build and Push".

  6. Go - Click the "Start Server" button. The server is now live and you should see it status as "Ready".

Unity Dashboard - Reference Image

What Else Do You Get?

Edgegap does more than latency reduction through an easy integration. Here are a few benefits for your online game and yourself (or your dev team)!   

  • Cross-Compatible: Your community can play across any hardware; PC, mobile, consoles, browser – you name it.

  • Region-less Hosting – On-Demand: Picking & choosing your regions or availability zones is now a thing of the past. Your players are everywhere in the world – so is now your game.

  • ~3 Seconds Game Server Deployment: A better user experience for your players inside your game.

  • No More Ops: Multi-version support & automated rolling updates.

  • Fully Managed: From start to end, we automatically handle game server’s lifecycle. No more Dev Ops engineers required.

  • Unlimited Scaling: Rapid scaling, based on player demand, that is automatically distributed across 17+ providers. No need to manage complex products from AWS/Google Cloud/Azure/etc.

  • No Upfront Costs or Fixed Monthly Server Fees: Pay-per-minute, ONLY for play time. Meaning, you pay only when players play your multiplayer – that’s it.

You’re Going on an Adventure – But Not Alone

You’re never alone - Our Discord has our actual developers ready to answer your questions, alongside other game devs to engage with. Come & chat with other devs on our Discord community (Link).

Also, learn how Kung Fu Kickball, made in Unity by a solo dev, uses Edgegap as their entire game servers solution for instant worldwide distribution (Link).