Edgegap’s Startup culture

Nov 25, 2022

At Edgegap, we run backend applications, such as game servers, close to users by deploying containers instantaneously in one of 350 locations worldwide.  There is no need to manage servers or worry about server capacity planning.

We’re also a Startup that was founded 4 years ago. Startups are a special breed of company that is in the initial stages of creating a product or offering a service for a market. This might sound easy if you’ve never done it, but as our CEO Mathieu Duperré likes to say, it’s a bit like trying to build a plane while also flying it.

A Startup is, first and foremost, a place where people work. We’ve seen during the Covid pandemic that many companies moved towards an “immaterial” workplace, which can be great for cost savings as there’s no need to rent an office space, but it also offers a lower feeling of connection with your work colleagues. For reference, Edgegap’s first-ever office, four years ago, was 150 square feet, and everybody stepped on each other’s toes. All fifteen employees now work in a bigger office space where everybody has their own space, and we have a remote-friendly environment where anyone can work from home, with or without pants.

Having a good idea is great, but someone needs to pay the bills at the end of the day. Being frugal and bootstrapping can get you far, Edgegap being a prime example. The company was initially founded and funded by Mathieu Duperré for a whole year until VCs got interested in what was being built and invested $1M in the initial seed round. Two years and a lot of work later, we raised another $7M to give the company the wings it needed to expand both the platform and the team. We have been working on many exciting projects and features that you will hear more about in 2023, and we are grateful to be able to continue our journey. 

Being part of a Startup like Edgegap can be one of the most rewarding experiences, as innovations and ideas are always welcomed and encouraged. As Startups tend to have fewer employees, those tend to work many different roles leading to more responsibility and learning opportunities. It’s an always-moving, constantly evolving work environment where you feel your opinion matters. What’s more, Edgegap puts a strong emphasis on its employees’ health and financial security by offering health insurance and a pension plan, usually reserved for larger corporations.

Of course, not everything is all rose and dandy. Working at a Startup also means accepting the increased risk of failure, and perhaps some stressful moments with an important project where everyone works toward the same goal to reach success. You must be willing to fail, learn from your mistakes and become a better you as you ride along this rollercoaster which is not for the faints of hearts.

If you need a new challenge and think the Startup world would fit your personality and professional ambitions, Edgegap might be the right place for you. We’re always looking for the special kind of people it takes to join a Startup and board the Edgegap rocket ship. You can check out our job board to find out if there’s already a role for you, or contact us at contact@edgegap.com. Job board – Edgegap