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Studios highlight: the many reasons game devs are joining the game hosting revolution

Apr 30, 2021

As a future-looking game hosting provider, Edgegap is always looking for ways to provide a better online experience for players. That’s why we’ve recently partnered with AWS Local Zones to provide game servers closer to where the players are, elevating their gaming experience to new heights. There’s many different reasons game studios choose Edgegap, and partners such as AWS Local Zones allow us to consistently improve our services to game studios and their players. 

Let’s take a look at a few game studios that are currently benefitting, or will in the near future, from the next evolution of game hosting through Edgegap:

  • Triple Hill Interactive is creating a one-hit-kill fighting game, Die by the Blade. Hosting a worldwide 1 versus 1 online tournament in the best conditions is something they simply could not do using traditional service providers. The networking for their multiplayer is a top priority, and they were very happy when they first heard about how Edgegap can help bring game servers closer to their players.

  • Cofa Games has a mobile MOBA, Awakening of Heroes, currently available worldwide. For them, being able to leverage an ever-growing number of locations through a simple API call is a time saver. They are also currently rapid-prototyping multiple games, and Edgegap’s simple and automated game server’s lifecycle management means they can concentrate on what they do the best: building fun games for their players.

  • Agog Entertainment is building a fast-paced arena shooter Brutal Grounds. To ensure a fair chance for all players, every competitive match must be deployed in the best location while taking into consideration every player’s networking. Edgegap’s automated server location selector means every match is deployed within a few seconds while taking into account the networking between all possible deployment location and the players.

  • Alderon Games is working on Path of Titans, an MMO where players take the role of a dinosaur. For the studio out of Victoria, Australia, the ease of scale through Edgegap is a game changer. Since running their game servers is very resource-intensive, they needed a set of very powerful CPU and RAM resources that are generally hard to come across on the cloud. Edgegap’s aggregation of multiple providers allows them to tap into a pool of providers from a single source, and they can now easily scale worldwide as needed, in the best location for their players.

  • Ragecure Games is developing Goons, a frantic arcade hockey game. As many indie game developers, having a simple way to manage the underlying infrastructure needed for multiplayer is a great way to reduce their time-to-market. Edgegap is there to handle the DevOps needed to scale automatically and manage their game servers in the best location possible to the benefit of their player base.

  • Blinkmoon is working on Bravelings, a competitive game with a major focus on PvE. The game is currently in development, and being able to tap into Edgegap’s Free Tier means cost savings for the development and the early access of the game, and a faster development cycle through faster and automated game server builds deployment.

So there you have it, a short list of the forward-looking game studios that are using Edgegap’s tools to provide a better gaming experience for their players, and simplify the development and game server management so they can concentrate on their game. Want to join that list? Get in touch here and join the rocket ship that will bring you and your players to the next frontier! 

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