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Leverage our Application Delivery Network (ADN) to deploy your applications instantly on the edge.

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Edge Computing Made Simple

Implementing a new, cutting-edge technology platform can be intimidating – especially when dealing with multiple locations. 

We’ve designed our platform to be as simple and automated, enabling you to focus on what matters to your business.

Unlimited Scalibility

Harness Edgegap’s 350+ global locations to tap into our unlimited scalability in an instant.

Our multi-provider infrastructure allow you to stay resilient and mitigates single provider outage risks. 

Lower latency

When you have clients located around the world, it can be difficult to provide quick & easy access to critical services.  Processing information at the edge by bringing servers closer to your end-users, ultimately slashing your latency by up to 70%.

Cost Savings

In the IoT world, sending data over long distances to get processed can get expensive. Edgegap’s distributed network significantly shortens your data’s journey from Point A to Point B, while decreasing your overall bandwidth usage for maximum savings.

Ask an expert

Whether you’re looking to slash your latency or level-up your scalability, the Edgegap team knows server infrastructure inside and out. Send us your questions and we’ll get back to you lightning-fast (delays just aren’t our thing).

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