7 netcode integrations to help democratize the creation of multiplayer games

Oct 20, 2022

At Edgegap, our mission is to make the distributed cloud simple to use. We run containers close to users by deploying instantaneously in one of 615 locations worldwide. When making a multiplayer game, you have to deal synchronizing player behavior to make sure everyone is seeing the same thing, this is handled by what is commonly called “netcode”.

Since one of our core principles is to make things simpler for game studios, we just launched 7 integrations with different netcodes so that game studios can have a very simple path to integrate with our automated server orchestration platform.

By adding popular netcode samples and integrations to our platform, our goal is to make it possible for game developers to have game server deployed and ready to test in a matter of hours, if not minutes. The new integrations include Fishnet networking, Mirror networking, Photon Fusion, Proudnet, Photon Bolt, Unity Netcode for Game Object and Unreal Networking.

Whether it’s a 1v1 fighting game, a fast-paced first-person shooter or a massively multiplayer online game, Edgegap gives developers the tools to create a superior online experience with minimal effort and low latency.

“Making a video game is never an easy proposition, but making a multiplayer game is even harder. Getting the right infrastructure setup is one of the most complex tasks for any developer, you just need to look at the number of major AAA games that regularly fall flat on launch day. One of Edgegap’s core missions is to democratize the creation of multiplayer games, by making the utilization of complex infrastructure as simple as possible. These new integrations take us one step closer to that goal, and will help bring a new wave of multiplayer games on the market faster than ever before,” said Mathieu Duperré, CEO and Founder of Edgegap.

The new integrations include

  • Mirror networking: Based on Unity’s UNET, Mirror is a completely open source, free to use and one of the simplest solutions to use based on having the same project for Client and Server.

  • Fish-Networking: Fish-Networking is an open-source and feature-rich networking library for Unity. It allows for precise control over the information sent and received between players, which can lead to performance improvements compared to the other open source netcodes.

  • Proudnet: A netcode built specifically for large MMOs, used by some of the biggest games coming from Korea and Japan.

  • Unity Netcode for Game Object: Netcode for GameObjects is a high-level networking library built by the team at Unity. It enables you to send GameObjects and world data across a networking session to all players at once.

  • Unreal Networking: The standard solution for the Unreal engine. Both efficient and feature-rich, used most of the time for Unreal games either as is, or as a base to improve upon.

  • Photon Fusion: A state synchronisation networking library for Unity. It supports two fundamentally different network topologies and offers advanced features like data compression and lag compensation.

  • Photon Bolt: A networking library built with dedicated server and listen server architecture in mind. Has a built-in event system and state replication engine which can synchronize object transforms and user-definable properties automatically.

Get Your Game Online, Easily & in Minutes

Get Your Game Online, Easily & in Minutes