The total cost of ownership of a multiplayer game infrastructure

Oct 4, 2022

Edgegap runs game servers close to players by deploying containers instantaneously in one of 350 locations worldwide. There is no need to manage servers or worry about server capacity planning.

Setting up, maintaining, and managing a Multiplayer server infrastructure for your game is not easy or inexpensive. While the old-fashioned way of managing servers is still prevalent (using over-provisioned fleets of servers in highly centralized locations), there is a new paradigm that is helping game developers provide a better player experience while reducing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

When discussing the Total Costs of Ownership, we need to consider all costs associated with server management. That includes servers, of course, but also the human resources required to plan, manage and monitor your infrastructure. We also need to consider provisioning too many (or too few) servers in a specific location and having unused resources just sitting idle, waiting for players to come. This can quickly become a financially risky endeavor for any videogame developer or publisher on any title. We’ve seen the biggest groups in the world fail with dire consequences for their revenues and reputation.

Some of these costs are often scattered in different sections of financial statements but must be evaluated holistically to create a truthful vision of TCO. While considering all of these costs makes the most sense in evaluating different infrastructure solutions, most studios will often rely only on a quick out-of-pocket expenses assessment alone, which can be a costly mistake.

Edgegap is bringing a new paradigm to help supports developers and publishers by removing multiple risks related to server infrastructure. By giving game developers access to a fully automated, self-scaling, and hyper-distributed infrastructure, the TCO of managing game infrastructure can reduce drastically with automation and optimized server capacity usage.

Here are a few benefits of Edgegap’s automated and instant server deployment platform specific to reducing the total cost of ownership:

  • Reduced human resources required to manage, monitor, or launch and manage server fleets

  • No unused resources with instantaneous server deployment

  • No capacity planning is needed, reducing the financial risks

  • Unlimited scaling to ensure a stellar player experience

  • Unique price point worldwide for predictable cost structure

If you’d like to learn more about Edgegap and how you can reduce your costs, join our Discord or drop us a line at!

Get Your Game Online, Easily & in Minutes

Get Your Game Online, Easily & in Minutes